Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Skinfood » Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner & Emulsion

On one of my latest trips to the Skinfood store in Los Angeles I received this cute little gift set from their Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line! My natural love of apples already had me eyeing this line, but when I found out it was meant for oily skin I couldn't wait to test it out!

Brand » Skinfood
Product » Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner, Emulsion
Size » 160ml each
Cost » $18 USD each
Website »
Would I purchase the full version? » Toner? No. Emulsion? Probably not.

The first thing I want to mention is that I LOVE the way these smell! They're just like fresh tart apples mixed with something sweet and clean and the scent is very refreshing! The toner has a noticeable alcohol smell though, as many toners do, but it isn't overwhelming. They both come out clear from the bottle.

For years I tried western brand toners and always HATED them because they stung, dried out my skin, and overall left my skin feeling damaged and uncomfortable. No matter how many different brands I tried, it was always the same result. So, I gave up on toners altogether. However, once I discovered Asian skincare I realized not all toners are evil! My skin is in much better condition than it was years ago, so that might be a reason I'm relatively okay with toners now, but so far I've only liked toners from Asian brands.

That being said, the Fresh Apple toner didn't sting my skin even when I applied it during a breakout which really surprised me. It also doesn't dry out the surface of my skin and leaves it feeling fresh and extra clean. I still don't find toners to be all that necessary as long as you properly cleanse your face, but this is one I would consider using on occasion. I do not love this toner, as I've never found a toner I love (even with Asian brands), but I like it for the simple fact that it keeps my skin less shiny.

The emulsion is a bit stickier and a little thicker than the toner (as it should be). It feels fresh and light on my face throughout the day. Be cautioned though, if you put too much of this emulsion on then it won't be good. I've found that you just need a slight amount to layer on the skin and it will indeed help with sebum control, but if you put a little extra it will have the opposite effect and your skin will end up feeling heavy and even more oily than before!

Now, let's take a look at what Skinfood says to see if these measure up!

Skinfood claims: 
     Toner: A carbonated toner with fresh unripe green apple extract that cleanses soap residue and
                 skin impurities while tightening pores.
     Emulsion: An emulsion with fresh unripe green apple extract and carbonated water that controls
                 sebum production and tightens pores.

Check and check! I'm never too convinced with products that are supposed to help with sebum control (because many don't work), but these honestly kept my face less oily not just for a few hours, but for the ENTIRE day! As long as you go easy on the emulsion, at least for me, the effects were far greater than I expected. On one occasion my skin wasn't oily at all the whole day while wearing these which was a total shock to me. This only happened once, but on average these help a bunch with keeping my skin less oily.

On the downside, these seem to be slightly and slowly dehydrating overtime so it is not a good idea to skip your daily moisturizer while using these (that's not a good idea anyway). It's not that my skin has gotten dry and flaky, but I have noticed that my skin feels dehydrated from deep within. My lovely readers mentioned in the comments that this is probably due to the high alcohol content in the toner (emulsion, too) and I absolutely agree! That is the unfortunate reality of many toners and as I mentioned before, I'm still not convinced that toners are necessary as long as you use a good daily cleanser. To end on a positive note, I really like the way my BB cream clings to my skin after applying the emulsion. Overall, these smell amazing and really do help with sebum control!

UPDATE: After using these for a longer period of time, they started to clog my pores D: !! Not fun. I would attribute this to the drying effects of the toner on my skin. I still think the emulsion is not to blame, but I can't be 100% sure as I was using both the toner and emulsion simultaneously. If anyone has tried these let me know in the comments. Thanks!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: Skinfood » Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

There is so much hype around the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off that I had to give it a go! Plus, being a fan of all things sweet, I definitely had to try a mask that lists caramel as one of it's ingredients! Needless to say, my curiosity finally got the best of me.

Brand » Skinfood
Product » Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
Size » 100g
Cost » $17 USD in store
Website »
Would I repurchase? » Probably

The Black Sugar Mask comes in a simple container that many of Skinfood's masks come in. The cap screws off to reveal a second lid that helps to keep bacteria out of the product. The concoction inside is so thick that if you turn the container upside down it won't even move! It isn't hard or sticky, but you'll have a lot of trouble getting this out of the container without a scooper as it is slightly dry and quite dense.

Keep in mind you have to apply this to a dampened face to get it to spread, otherwise you could very well end up damaging your skin. Once applied, I looked like a had a really horrible tan because of how brown it is! Ha, after about 10-15 minutes the mask should be washed off with lukewarm water. Before I wash it off, I wet my hands and gently scrub my face with the sugar granules as a mild exfoliant. The key here is to be gentle!

I have heard numerous rumors about the smell of this mask, but to me it smells exactly like lemongrass. Not quite the scent you would imagine for a Brazilian sugar mask, but I personally like the smell. Now that that's out of the way, let's take a look at the first 5 listed ingredients and what they actually do for your skin:

» Sucrose Cocoate: A mild cleansing agent with conditioning and moisturizing properties.
» Glycerin: Attracts and holds moisture.
» Candelilla Wax: Anti-inflammatory agent.
» Macadamia Seed Oil: Promotes radiant skin.
» Lanolin: Skin protectant.

Full Ingredient List: Sucrose, Peg-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Glycerin, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Lanolin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Sorbitan Laurate, Butylparaben, BHT, Caramel, Parfum

Skinfood claims that the Black Sugar Mask promotes smooth, glowing skin. While I would agree that my skin feels smooth after each use, I would not ever say it is glowing. This mask is not very moisturizing and it does not feel cool or hot when applied. Also, I personally prefer a peeling cream for exfoliation as they are much more gentle and (I think) more effective.

However, I'm not sure if it's entirely due to this mask, but my skin seems to be less oily during the day after applying! This is also great for blackheads and it has seemed to help with diminishing my pores. My skin feels healthier and firmer after each use as well, so for that I would think about buying this again. I think this could be used every day, but ONLY if you are extremely gentle and cautious. Overall, I don't see exactly what all the hype is about, but I do like the way my skin feels after using the Black Sugar Mask Wash Off :)


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: Etude House » Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence

If you have oily skin like me I'm sure you have searched far and wide for products to help to keep your face from looking irritatingly shiny. Trust me, living in La La Land (LA) has me especially conscious of how well my makeup is faring throughout the day. But, even if you don't live in a world of bright lights, cameras, and actions, the Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence is a great item to keep in your beauty stash!

Brand » Etude House
Product » Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence
Size » 20ml
Cost » $10 USD
Website »
Would I repurchase? » Yes

What Etude House claims: The Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence is a moisturizing makeup primer that masks pores to subdue sebum and improve makeup coverage.

What Beautiful Doki Doki Says: I am quite pleased with this primer! It is not a "wow, this changed my life" product, but it does the job! The results are noticeable and it definitely helps to mask enlarged pores and creases. The texture of my skin isn't too terrible to begin with, but this primer helps to smooth out my flaws, especially on the nose area where my skin gets the most oil. In terms of oil control, this noticeably helps to subdue the shine throughout the day. This primer does not get rid of the oil altogether, but my skin is significantly less oily when I apply this primer. Also, my skin remains fresher for longer!

This primer comes out a milky and slick consistency. I would say it is somewhere between a cream and oil in terms of how easily it spreads around. It is off-white in color and has a noticeable fragrance that I can't particularly place, but it does smell soft, clean and fresh! Don't worry, the fragrance does not linger on your face.

Is silicone bad for my skin? The short answer is no! First of all, silicone is commonly used in foundations and makeup primers so it is a little hard to avoid. Silicone is not absorbed into your skin, rather, it fills in pores and fine lines to create the illusion of smooth, flawless skin. On the other hand, some people have problems with silicone because it can trap sebum and bacteria in your pores which can cause breakouts. Other people are simply allergic to silicone, in which case there isn't much you can do.

However, don't be afraid of trying out products containing silicone! You never know what will work for your skin or not unless you try. Personally, I have never had a breakout from using the Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence! I always keep my face and hands clean before applying, so just make sure your face is properly cleansed before putting on primers (or anything for that matter!). Overall, I don't find silicones to be a big deal, but remember to find what works best for your individual skin :)

Above is a super close-up of an enlarged pore on my face. The primer doesn't erase flaws completely, but it does help! Plus, no one is actually going to see your skin this close up anyway! haha I also probably wouldn't use this as an all-over-your-face type of primer, especially since the container is kind of small for that type of application. I only use this on my t-zone or on any trouble spots. My makeup does stick well with this primer and it does not dry out or break out my skin. Overall, the Goodbye Pore Ever Primer works as it says, but like I said before it isn't amazing.

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Etude House » I Need You! Sheet Masks: An Intro to Korean Mask Packs

안녕하세요! Hello! This post is dedicated to the skincare junky's most favorite can't-live-without-item: the Korean sheet mask! If you ever wonder how Koreans have such flawless skin then you best start stockpiling these babies right, right now! Okay, I do not recommend hoarding, but having a few of these on hand at all times is sure to brighten your skin as well as your mood.

Brand » Etude House
Product » I Need You! Sheet Masks
Size » 1 sheet, 23ml
Cost » $2 USD each
Website »
Would I purchase again? » Absolutely!

Admittedly, the first time I ever put one of these on I did feel kind of silly. Not to mention, one glance in the mirror said I looked like a total creeper from some low budget indie horror flick. Nonetheless, sheet masks are amazing!! If you've ever seen a K-drama, then odds are you've seen the girls (guys, too!) wearing these at some point and that's because they are HUGE in Korea. Hey, Koreans take pride in their appearance and who can blame them?

Now some of you might be thinking, but what about other sheet masks? Well, of course there are tons of great mask packs out there from other parts of Asia. I actually have never tried a sheet mask that I didn't like, but so far Korean brands have always been my favorite. In particular, Skinfood, Etude House, and Mamonde would probably be my top brand choices for sheet masks, although the list is ever growing as I try out new ones.

Sheet masks contain an enormous variety of ingredients all meant for improving particular skin concerns. Red wine, gold, caviar, and even snail extract (actually very trendy right now) are some that I have tried that might make someone look twice, but I assure you they are wonderful! There are plenty of awesome natural ingredients that come from things other than simply fruits and plants. They are great for skin whitening, tightening, firming, brightening, moisturizing...and the list goes on. Each mask pack is different, so just pick which one is right for you. Personally, I like to have a variety.

In particular, the Etude House I Need You! mask sheets come in 7 different choices:

I Need You, Aloe! Mask Sheet: Essence mask contains moisturizing aloe to prevent acne and soothe skin.

I Need You, Green Tea! Mask Sheet: Essence mask contains green tea extract that soothes & comforts stressed and fatigued skin.

I Need You, Lemon! Mask Sheet: Essence mask contains lemon extract to brighten and clarify skin tone.

I Need You, Royal Jelly! Mask Sheet: Highly nutritional royal jelly restores skin health and soothes the skin after being damaged by pollution, debris and weather. It helps skin to maintain smoothness, softness and luminosity.

I Need You, Red Ginseng! Mask Sheet: 6-year-old red ginseng restores skin strength after being damaged by stress, pollution, debris and weather. It helps skin to maintain firmness and smoothness.

I Need You, Pomegranate! Mask Sheet: Essence mask contains pomegranate additives that nourish for a healthy complexion.

I Need You, Pearl Extract! Mask Sheet: Essence mask contains pearl extract that promotes natural skin glow.

Remember that when you're shopping for sheet masks, price is not an indication of quality! I've tried sheet masks that cost less than a dollar that were just as amazing as others that cost ten dollars each! Like I mentioned before, I've never tried a mask pack I don't like!

In general, most sheet masks are to be worn for about 15-30 mins. I've left them on longer before as they are ultra pampering. Some are clearly scented while others don't contain much of a smell. No matter what, my skin always feels much more relaxed, moisturized, and healthy after using these!

Creeper? Maybe. Happy skin? Absolutely! Lol
Beautiful Doki Doki's Tips: 

The best time to wear your sheet mask is just after using a peeling cream or gel like this one. Why?Your skin absorbs the mask essence better without all those dead skin cells in the way. However, while sheet masks can be worn every day, a peeling cream should only be used 2-3 times per week.

Place your sheet mask in the fridge for about twenty minutes before application if you want an extra cooling sensation!

Sheet masks are an ultra stress reducer! They are great for relaxing and extremely therapeutic!

Use any extra essence left in the packet and pat it onto your neck. It will help prevent wrinkles!

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Body: Skinfood » Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel » Mini Review

Purple is probably my favorite color if I had to choose. Grape, on the other hand, is not particularly my favorite scent. However, I've found Skinfood's Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel to resonate a wonderfully clean and soft grape scent that I surprisingly rather enjoy.

Brand » Skinfood
Product » Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel
Size » 260ml
Cost » $10-$20 USD
Website »
Would I purchase the full version? » Maybe, but pricey in my opinion.

What Skinfood Says: Body shower gel that contains jojoba beads to control rough horny substances and nutrient-rich grape seed oil to improve the smoothness of the skin.

OKAY, side note...I just gotta say that this is one of those entertaining translations. Rough horny substances? What is that? I think that they meant to say that the shower gel helps to exfoliate rough patches of skin. That one had me laughing for quite some time...

What Beautiful Doki Doki Says: This shower gel foams really nicely and does a pretty decent job at exfoliating my skin. This isn't a product I love, but I do like it well enough. My skin is noticeably softer upon leaving the shower especially after multiple uses. It is definitely not a luscious waterfall of hydration, but my skin does feel silky and soft out of the shower.

I feel that this shower gel is best suited for everyday use, rather than a luxurious treat for the shower. It is a little expensive for the size, but if price is not an issue for you or you especially enjoy grape scents I think you will really like the Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel. In my opinion, it is not amazing, but I still like it and I still might buy it unless, of course, I find something else I prefer. Skinfood has a lot of interesting options for body products, including their Beer Bubble Body Cleanser, which for whatever reason is intriguing to me and on my list of things to try.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Music: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu » Nanda Collection

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu released her hit new album "Nanda Collection" in the US today!! Finally! I've been dying for the album to become available here since it's Japan release, and as such I took a trip to Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles to my favorite bookstore to pick up my copy...which of course ended with every single album being already sold out.(;≧皿≦) I should have known, considering Kyary's popularity, but I drove home and reluctantly downloaded it from iTunes (there's no way I was waiting two more weeks to order from Japan).

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Japan's Kawaii Fashion Icon

If you're into J-pop or kawaii fashion and haven't heard of Kyary, then you have been sorely missing out, my friend. Kyary started as a fashion blogger in high school as a means to express herself despite being pressured from strict parents not to stand out. One day, she was hanging around the streets of Harajuku when a photographer asked if he could take a street snap of her. A tiny picture of her was placed in Kera magazine and got so much attention that the magazine asked her back as a reader's model.
She started to gain popularity and appeared regularly in Tokyo fashion magazines from then on. Later, she became a DJ as her interest in music grew and the rest was history. Here, she met Yasutaka Nakata, the mastermind behind all of Kyary's songs. Nakata always wanted to create a kawaii J-pop artist and Kyary was the perfect choice. He is responsible for writing all of the music and lyrics for Kyary, a member and creator of the band Capsule, as well as the writer and creator behind Perfume, another famous J-pop group.
In 2011, Kyary released her first hit single "PonPonPon" on YouTube, which went viral and quickly garnered her world renowned fame. She has grown to become the symbol of kawaii culture in Japan and worldwide. She's even written a book, an autobiography titled, "Oh My God Harajuku Girl". She continues to promote Japan around the world and hopes that one day more people will become interested in Japanese language and culture.

Why Kyary Is the Best and Why I Love "Nanda Collection"

I get so bored with American pop culture sometimes. Not because American pop culture is bad, but just because I'm so bombarded with it on a daily basis and I'm so used to it that it's usually nothing new or exciting. So, Kyary was like a breath of fresh air to me. I won't lie, my very first encounter with her was through her "PonPonPon" music video, which is rather ridiculous. At first, she was a little too much to take in and I had no idea what she saying, as I don't speak Japanese, so I kinda just said "well, that was weird..." and forgot about her.
I don't remember how long it took exactly, but some time later I suddenly had the urge to re-watch the video. On second look, I was amazed! I realized how catchy the song is and how creative and entertaining the video is. I mean, who doesn't like floating eyeballs, dancing faceless fat ladies, brains, slices of bread, pogo sticks and cheesy graphics? Haha, yes it is bizarre, but in such a good way!

I assumed all of her videos would be smothered in pink and artificiality, but I was happy to discover that there is much variety within her videos as well as musical diversity in her songs. Of course, all of her songs contain similar characteristics like strong beats, major keys, and danceability for the most part, but they are different enough to keep me from never ever getting bored.

Many Americans don't like cutesy things and find them to be childish. I, on the other hand, love kawaii and I personally find Kyary's style to be extremely fun! I love that she doesn't try to look sexy all the time to garner interest and she isn't afraid to be goofy or strange. She is responsible for taking grotesque or scary things and making them look kawaii which is something I find quite intriguing.
I can't get enough of her music, and "Nanda Collection" is no exception. The album title roughly translates to "What in the world is this? Collection", which I think is rather perfect. It's basically the question I asked when I first heard her music, but also the idea behind why I love her so much! The album contains plenty of great singles including "Furisodeshon", an awesome coming of age song, "Invader Invader", a song about taking over the world, and the ninja themed "Ninjari Bang Bang".

Even though I only know a few words in Japanese, I still love her music despite being unable to understand the lyrics. After all, music is a universal language. I went to her concert here in LA not too long ago and it was absolutely one of the most fun concerts I've been to. Overall, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is the best because her music and charming personality and style are always uplifting. Don't get me wrong, I love a good sad song and enjoy plenty of different musical genres, but Kyary's music always puts a smile on my face even when I'm having the worst day ever!

To conclude, here are some of her videos that I love from "Nanda Collection" and her first album "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution":

One of my favorite Kyary songs, "Candy Candy".

"Fashion Monster"!

J-pop dubstep, anyone? "Invader Invader"

Last, but not least, "PonPonPon".


*I do not own any of the pictures or videos of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in this blog post. Thanks.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review: The Face Shop » New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Clay Nose Pack

Whew! That is somewhat of a mouthful to say. There has been a lot of hype about The Face Shop's New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Clay Nose Pack and as I am unfortunately plagued with far from flawless pores I jumped at the opportunity to try this!

Brand » The Face Shop
Product » New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Clay Nose Pack
Size » 50mg
Cost » $6 USD
Website »
Would I repurchase? » Sure

There is a daily battle between me and the blackheads on my nose *sigh*. I have tried nose strips before and those work fine, but with so much excitement over this product it seemed like it could be nothing less than amazing. It's actually so popular that every time I went to The Face Shop store I frequent here in LA it was sold out, with the owner telling me it is one of their most popular items. They also said it was unknown when they would be receiving another shipment. Alas, I ordered through Amazon and eagerly waited the two weeks for my little package to arrive from Korea.

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but it is very sticky! Be warned, you have to apply this immediately for it to spread the right way. I also learned the hard way that leaving the cap open while you do so causes a buildup to start forming in the tip. So keep it closed while you apply! A thick application works best for this nose pack. Be prepared to let it dry for 30 mins! It says on the tube that it takes 10-15, but sometimes that just isn't enough time for it to fully dry and it has to be totally dry or it won't work at all.

Sorry, I know the picture below is gross! I'm not entirely sure how well you can see the results. In my opinion it works well, but not great! To be honest maybe my expectations were way too high because of all the hype, but I'm a little bummed. Don't get me wrong, it does work to an extent, but every time I use this, there are still a lot of blackheads left on my nose. It seems to do just as good a job as nose strips that I've tried. However, I still prefer this to nose strips because you get way more uses out of it and you can shape it to any area you want! You don't have to worry about cutting a strip to the right shape and you don't have to buy 3 different products to do one job. This can just go anywhere on your face and for that it's really convenient.

Overall, I would purchase the Volcanic Clay Nose Pack again, but I still wish it worked a little better. The Face Shop has a whole line of Volcanic Clay products so perhaps they work best in combination. I'm curious to try their New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Gel oil so maybe I'll get it and do a comparison.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello lovely readers! I was lucky enough to be given The Versatile Blogger Award (VBA) by Tootsyroll from tootsyroll with love for all! A special thanks to her for finding Beautiful Doki Doki even though I haven't been blogging for long. You can check out Tootsyroll's blog here and say hi! :)

Rules are simple:
1) Thank the person who gave you the award!
2) Include a link to their blog.
3) Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
4) Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself!

Beautiful Doki Doki's nominees:
1) The Bunnie Hole                                                  9) Drop Dead Cute
2) YellowyCream's Beauty Blog                            10) Ada no Nikki
3) Rainbowholic                                                     11) The Touch of Yellow
4) The Wanderlust Project                                     12) Cute in Korea
5) Seoul Is For Lovers                                           13) k i t s u n e d o n
6) KDrama Fighting!                                              14) Aegyoprincess
7) Beauty Appetite                                                 15) Kin's blog
8) Pixels and Tales

7 Facts About Me:
1) If I ever found out the world ran out of green tea, I would cry.
2) I am a huge fan of Zelda games (nerd).
3) I have a bachelors degree in film and media.
4) If I could, I would dress like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu every day.
5) I am most certainly not a morning person.
6) I love playing classical piano.
7) I never planned on learning Korean, but after discovering kpop years ago, I fell in love with the culture and the language!

Although I could only pick 15, I'd like to thank everyone who ever visits Beautiful Doki Doki! I mean, readers are all a writer can ask for, so thank you! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Have a lovely day!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Body: Etude House » Milk Talk Choco Body Wash Mini Review

I'll admit it. Chocolate is one of my weaknesses. It took about two seconds for me to get excited over the fact that Etude House chose chocolate milk as one of the scents for their Milk Talk Body Wash line. I am unlucky enough, though, to live in a city that doesn't have an Etude House store and despite the cute packaging I couldn't bring myself to purchase this body wash online without first knowing what it truly smelled like. So, you can imagine how I couldn't wait to try this when I received a sample!

Brand » Etude House
Product » Milk Talk Body Wash (chocolate milk)
Size » 200ml
Cost » $10 USD
Website »
Would I purchase the full product? » Yes, but just for fun!

The Milk Talk Choco Body Wash smells just like hot chocolate and I couldn't help but wish that it was the middle of winter when I opened the package. There is something so comforting at the thought of cozying up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate as snowflakes drift lazily outside your window. And that's exactly what the smell reminds me of!

With a name like milk talk, I was rather surprised that the body wash isn't more of a creamy texture and is rather quite watery. As it is so fluid it was difficult to get it to foam properly and that left me wishing I had more than the sample size to spread around. There is a matching chocolate themed sponge you can purchase additionally and I think this might be a necessary add on to create enough foam.

The milk talk line is formulated with milk protein extract and is supposed to leave your skin feeling smooth, elastic, and moisturized. On a first use I would say my skin felt slightly moist, but it wasn't very noticeable. Perhaps with consistent use there would be more of a difference, but it doesn't seem to do a whole lot. It is certainly not one of those instantly refreshing body washes, but if you love chocolate the smell alone might be a reason to buy.

One last note about the smell; it doesn't last long! Right as I dried off with my towel the smell faded away. Some might find this disappointing, but I kind of like not having to smell like chocolate all day long. That way the smell won't clash with my normal perfume and won't leave me craving chocolate bars for hours on end. If this item ends up in my online shopping cart it will be purely for the fun of it and not really purchased for the purpose of skincare. Also, as it is summertime and way too hot to think about hot chocolate, I'll hold off on getting this body wash until the wintertime.