Monday, July 1, 2013

Body: Etude House » Milk Talk Choco Body Wash Mini Review

I'll admit it. Chocolate is one of my weaknesses. It took about two seconds for me to get excited over the fact that Etude House chose chocolate milk as one of the scents for their Milk Talk Body Wash line. I am unlucky enough, though, to live in a city that doesn't have an Etude House store and despite the cute packaging I couldn't bring myself to purchase this body wash online without first knowing what it truly smelled like. So, you can imagine how I couldn't wait to try this when I received a sample!

Brand » Etude House
Product » Milk Talk Body Wash (chocolate milk)
Size » 200ml
Cost » $10 USD
Website »
Would I purchase the full product? » Yes, but just for fun!

The Milk Talk Choco Body Wash smells just like hot chocolate and I couldn't help but wish that it was the middle of winter when I opened the package. There is something so comforting at the thought of cozying up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate as snowflakes drift lazily outside your window. And that's exactly what the smell reminds me of!

With a name like milk talk, I was rather surprised that the body wash isn't more of a creamy texture and is rather quite watery. As it is so fluid it was difficult to get it to foam properly and that left me wishing I had more than the sample size to spread around. There is a matching chocolate themed sponge you can purchase additionally and I think this might be a necessary add on to create enough foam.

The milk talk line is formulated with milk protein extract and is supposed to leave your skin feeling smooth, elastic, and moisturized. On a first use I would say my skin felt slightly moist, but it wasn't very noticeable. Perhaps with consistent use there would be more of a difference, but it doesn't seem to do a whole lot. It is certainly not one of those instantly refreshing body washes, but if you love chocolate the smell alone might be a reason to buy.

One last note about the smell; it doesn't last long! Right as I dried off with my towel the smell faded away. Some might find this disappointing, but I kind of like not having to smell like chocolate all day long. That way the smell won't clash with my normal perfume and won't leave me craving chocolate bars for hours on end. If this item ends up in my online shopping cart it will be purely for the fun of it and not really purchased for the purpose of skincare. Also, as it is summertime and way too hot to think about hot chocolate, I'll hold off on getting this body wash until the wintertime.



  1. Yum, chocolate!

    Shame it wasn't as foamy though D: maybe it's got to do with the sponge, like you said.


  2. Ugh I know! I was super sad when it wasn't that foamy :( but if I have extra money this winter I'll get it and the sponge and try it out lol it smells too yummy!


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