Saturday, July 13, 2013

Body: Skinfood » Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel » Mini Review

Purple is probably my favorite color if I had to choose. Grape, on the other hand, is not particularly my favorite scent. However, I've found Skinfood's Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel to resonate a wonderfully clean and soft grape scent that I surprisingly rather enjoy.

Brand » Skinfood
Product » Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel
Size » 260ml
Cost » $10-$20 USD
Website »
Would I purchase the full version? » Maybe, but pricey in my opinion.

What Skinfood Says: Body shower gel that contains jojoba beads to control rough horny substances and nutrient-rich grape seed oil to improve the smoothness of the skin.

OKAY, side note...I just gotta say that this is one of those entertaining translations. Rough horny substances? What is that? I think that they meant to say that the shower gel helps to exfoliate rough patches of skin. That one had me laughing for quite some time...

What Beautiful Doki Doki Says: This shower gel foams really nicely and does a pretty decent job at exfoliating my skin. This isn't a product I love, but I do like it well enough. My skin is noticeably softer upon leaving the shower especially after multiple uses. It is definitely not a luscious waterfall of hydration, but my skin does feel silky and soft out of the shower.

I feel that this shower gel is best suited for everyday use, rather than a luxurious treat for the shower. It is a little expensive for the size, but if price is not an issue for you or you especially enjoy grape scents I think you will really like the Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel. In my opinion, it is not amazing, but I still like it and I still might buy it unless, of course, I find something else I prefer. Skinfood has a lot of interesting options for body products, including their Beer Bubble Body Cleanser, which for whatever reason is intriguing to me and on my list of things to try.


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