I started this blog because asian beauty products have done wonders for my skin! Plus, they're super fun! I feel that searching online for beauty products is a very scary process, especially when there is limited information about the products in your own language. I hope that Beautiful Doki Doki will help you make wise decisions when journeying through the wonderful world that is asian beauty.

Although my focus is on mainly Korean products, I will certainly include any product I deem amazing (or otherwise) regardless of where it's created.

These posts are my honest opinions and based on my personal experiences. What works for me and my skin might not necessarily work for you, but it is my hope that sharing these experiences with you will help you discover products that make you feel beautiful and happy.

P. S. I may, from time to time, include posts about non-beauty related items if they are fun or kawaii (cute) or creative...or if I feel like it. O(≧▽≦)O


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