Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review: JuJu » Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Washing Foam

I've heard plenty of great things about the Japanese brand JuJu Cosmetics and their Aquamoist line! So, on my last trip to Little Tokyo in downtown LA I picked up this White Washing Foam cleanser. I was excited for the whitening properties and Vitamin C and since my beloved Steam Milk Bubble Mask from Skinfood finally ran out I figured I'd give this a go. Unfortunately, I ended up hating this cleanser!

Brand » JuJu Cosmetics
Product » Hyaluronic Acid White Washing Foam
Size » 120g
Cost » $12 USD
Website »
Would I repurchase? » Never!

The Aquamoist White washing foam is supposed to hydrate your skin with hyaluronic acid, brighten with vitamin c, and whiten skin while cleansing off makeup and impurities. It is also meant for sensitive skin as it contains no colorants, no fragrance and no mineral oil. However, this cleanser did nothing but torture my skin!

I am a huge fan of hyaluronic acid because it does an amazing job at hydrating skin by drawing in moisture from the air. I've had huge success with hyaluronic acid before with another Japanese brand, Hada Labo, but for some reason this cleanser did the exact opposite of hydrating my skin! I had to stop using this after just one week because it was completely sucking my face dry! I was really surprised by this because I had heard so many great things about this being extra hydrating. Unfortunately, it made my skin feel tight and uncomfortable after each wash and after a few days my skin started to flake off!

This comes out of the container looking pretty simple. I know this contains no fragrance, but honestly when I first put this on my face it reminded me of the faint smell of pool water, but maybe a little fresher. It wasn't necessarily off-putting, but it wasn't pleasant either. It creates a decent amount of foam and isn't difficult to wash off, which I did appreciate.

Ingredients: water, myristic acid, glycerin, stearic acid, potassium hydroxide, glycol distearate, lauric acid, palmitic acid, sodium laureth sulfate, sorbitol, glyceryl stearate se, peg-190 distearate, phenoxyethanol, hydroxypropyl methycellulose, bht, butylparaben, disodium edta, ethylparaben, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, trisodium edta, ascorbyl glucoside, papain, sodium hyaluronate.

I don't know if the whitening or brightening effects work because I was unable to use this cleanser for very long, but after one week of use I didn't notice a difference. This did not do very well at removing my makeup with gentle scrubbing and even left some of my BB cream on my face. It also stung any sensitive areas while washing. Overall, the Aquamoist White Washing Foam left my skin feeling unquenchably thirsty, sensitive, and awful. I haven't given up on the Aquamoist brand altogether, but for a cleanser I had such high hopes for, it did nothing but disappoint! (╯︵╰,)



  1. I got this as well, and only tried it on my hand before deciding it would never touch my face. It's just a terrible face wash ):

    1. Omg I know I'm just using it to clean my makeup brushes now lol it's never touching my face again. At least you were smart enough to test it on your hand first!

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    1. I know I'm soooo sad it didn't work for me!! ╥﹏╥ So many people love it so I was surprised when it ended up being a nightmare lol :( Following you now xo

  3. I'm using this at the moment as a morning face wash (just trying to get rid of it). It's...pretty meh. It has helped to whiten scars but I really hate that squeaky clean feeling you get afterwards, I also found my skin started to flake and peel when I rinse it off. Scary...

    Beauty Challenged

    1. Hey Tegan!! "Scary" is definitely the perfect word to describe this face wash! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ I've been getting rid of mine by using it to clean my makeup brushes lol


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