Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Etude House » Mint Cooling Eye's Cream

Sometimes, I wish western packaging was this clever. The Mint Cooling "Ice" Cream from Etude House comes in a kawaii little box with an ice cream cone cutout displaying the cream stick inside. I got this cream to help combat my dark circles, as we all know how annoying those can be!

Brand » Etude House
Product » Mint Cooling Eye's Cream
Size » 6.5g
Cost » $10 USD
Website » www.etudehouse.com
Would I repurchase? » Undecided

The Mint Cooling Eye's Cream comes with two protective caps and twists up just like a lip balm. I was a little surprised to find that the cream smells nothing of mint. Rather, it has a subtle and perfumed, perhaps floral scent. This eye cream is supposed to help lessen dark circles and puffiness around the eyes with a cooling and soothing sensation. I was really excited when I discovered this cream not only because I love Etude House, but also because it doesn't cost a fortune as most eye creams do!

What I like: I've been using the Mint Cooling Eye's Cream for about a month now and it has definitely helped to relieve the puffiness around my eyes. I don't always have puffy eyes, but on those days where I haven't gotten much sleep or for whatever reason my eyes are feeling really tired it has been especially soothing. I like the idea of having extra sun protection for this delicate skin area, so it's a plus that this eye cream contains SPF30 PA++. The blue color of the cream helps a little to brighten your under eye area as well, which helps slightly with hiding the dark circles. It is also decently moisturizing and works great as a primer.

What I don't like: The cooling sensation is at times hardly noticeable. I won't deny that it is comforting, but the sensation only lasts a couple seconds and isn't very strong. The main reason that I got this cream is that I was hoping it would help to get rid of (or at least noticeably diminish) my dark circles. However, after a month I really haven't noticed much of a difference, if at all. 

If you are looking for an eye cream that relieves puffiness, the Mint Cooling Eye's Cream might be the one for you, but for those of us who struggle with dark circles you might want to look elsewhere. I am going to keep using this eye cream in case it takes longer to work, but with over a month of no real changes the outlook seems grim. Overall, I do like this eye cream for the soothing factor and if I did repurchase it it would be simply for the puffiness control, but I feel like there is probably something better out there. I'm also curious about this cream's twin product, the Vanilla Moist Eye's Cream, and wonder if they might work best as a pair.


P. S. What's your favorite eye cream?


  1. l bought this one 2 weeks ago and l like how cooling it is when l apply it to my puffy eye,still waiting to see if it will lighten the dark circles, l am still nt sure if l will reorder it again.

    1. Yeah I love how it gets rid of puffy eyes! If you see any results for your dark circles let me know, because I still haven't noticed anything for mine :/

  2. Darnit! I've been on the search for something for dark circles, and I was really hoping this one would be the one. I might still get it for those mornings when I just can't wake up.. When you say that it's soothing, do you find it helps with keeping your eyes open? xD Hahaha.

    Thank you so much for the review!

    xo <3


    1. Haha! Well, that's me every morning (I hate waking up early) so it does help a little for that! At the same time, when my eyes are soothed I kind of want to drift back comfortably to dreamland lol. I wish it was more cooling, but the packaging is so cute! Thanks fauunzie ^^

  3. I've recently bought this product, and tested it out. I'm not experiencing the cool sensation at all D:
    How long are you suppose to rub it under your eyes?

    1. Hi there! ^^ You only need a few swipes of this under your eyes and then to gently tap your skin with your finger to help it better absorb. Unfortunately, I didn't notice much of a cooling sensation either, which I was really disappointed with (╯︵╰,)

  4. Replies
    1. I do not think this product contains oil, but it does have mango seed butter in it! xo

  5. I have ordered this product and i'm waiting for its arrival. I had used Aloe Gel of Nature Republic as eye mask every night before sleep because i think it is good for my eyes, and the result is very good. that can relieves my puffiness and a little dark circle eye although i always sleep very late (2.am). I want to try The eye cream of Etude house because the ads said that it can protect my eyes from the sunlight :). So i want to buy it, but for me the Soothing gel is very wonderful :)
    Tks for your review :)


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