Monday, April 29, 2013

Haul: Etude House Sweet Recipe

I have to start out by saying that I absolutely love the Sweet Recipe collection from Etude House! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* I won't lie, my initial interest in their spring collection was sparked by the adorable packaging (not to mention the members of the k-pop boy band Shinee are some of the faces behind the brand). However, don't be fooled into thinking the cute packaging is all there is to these products; these are truly awesome cosmetics!

I picked up plenty of goodies with this haul, but I wish I could have purchased the entire spring line! If the name isn't enough of a hint, the line is designed around candy, cupcakes, and cuteness. As an introduction, take a look at the commercial for their Dear My Jelly Lips Talk, that features Shinee and models Krystal and Sulli:

The first two items that I picked up with my order are the Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes in Blueberry&Strawberry and the Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color in Peach Sugar Cake which both come in adorable cupcake tins. Etude House is a Korean brand and I feel that this line fits well with the makeup trend there. Young Korean girls typically do not where heavy makeup on the eyes and go for a natural looking face. That being said, the Cupcake Eyes duo that I tried is very light, so those looking for an intense eye makeup won't get that with this product. However, the color is actually quite pretty and has a slight shimmer in the right light. I also love the way the purple brings out the green in my eyes!

As for the Cupcake All Over Color in Peach Sugar Cake, it smells absolutely amazing! As if the products didn't look good enough to eat, they smell that way as well! This one smells just as the name describes: very peachy, sweet, and delicious. You can use this one on the cheeks, lips, and eyes!

The Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes baked shadow duos come in five different color combos, same as the Cupcake All Over Color! I personally would love to add the Cupcake Eyes in Maple&Choco and basically all of the Cupcake All Over Colors to my collection.

Although nail polish isn't at the top of my list when online shopping, I couldn't resist adding two of the Ice Cream Nails limited edition colors to my cart. These come in four different colors and I chose #3 Apricot Candy and #4 Strawberry candy. I love the Strawberry Candy, but for some reason the Apricot Candy just isn't the color I wanted it to be. It looks the same as it does in pictures, but I had imagined it being a darker orange color...don't ask me why. However, the glitters in both colors are very appealing and I think Etude House did a great job matching them with their base colors.

The last two items in my order were the Dear My Jelly Lips Talk in JPK004 and the Candy Stick Lips Tint Gloss #2 Orange. They both smell divine! The Dear My Jelly Lips Talk smells just like a jelly bean and adds a sleek shine to your lips. The Candy Stick Lips Tint Gloss smells like some sort of yummy orange candy and doesn't color your lips orange, but rather more of a dark fuchsia! (To be honest, the Candy Stick Lips Tint Gloss smells so good it makes me want to eat it...literally, but no I haven't tried it and don't advise anyone to haha). Plus, they both feel very moisturizing!

I tried to make the swatches remain true to color in this pic which in turn ended with my hand looking a little too pink. Keep in mind that the colors are more noticeable in person, especially number 4, trust me. Note: you can add on more layers to each of these to make the colors pop.

Other Sweet Recipe items I didn't pick up with this order, but wish I had:

Lastly, I'd like to make a special shout out to KollectionK! I received my entire Sweet Recipe haul from their website in a short 2 weeks. They carry some other great Korean cosmetic brands, along with kpop CDs and merchandise! Unfortunately, there are no Etude House stores in the US...((╥﹏╥)terribly sad), but KollectionK did a great job at getting my order to me. Plus, they gave me a great sample kit that came with some items from Etude House's Moistfull Collagen line, which I will do a mini review on in a later post!

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P. S. What do you think of the Sweet Recipe line?


  1. Did you know that Sulli and Krystal are k-pop stars under the same company as SHINee too, and not only models? ^_^ They're are members in the band f(x) ! :3

    1. Haha yes, I did know. They are so pretty! I just like SHINee way more than f(x) ;) but I'm a huge kpop fan! I like Super Junior, too! I think they're also with SM. Thanks for reading! (´ω`★)


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