Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mamonde » Flower Essential Masks

If you are looking for more sheet masks to try out I'd highly suggest you pick some of these up! The Flower Essential sheet masks from Mamonde have quickly become some of my favorites. There are many different masks within the line to choose from, and I plan on trying them all out eventually because they are just too amazing.

Cost » $2 USD per sheet
Website »

I probably have an unnecessary obsession with sheet masks, but they are just sooo relaxing. I love curling up with a good kdrama while wearing one of these! As far as Mamonde goes specifically, they are a brand dedicated to all things flowers and each of their products features a floral extract (or something related) that's great for your skin. Mamonde is a subsidiary of the Amore Pacific Corporation, which is also responsible for the Etude House and Laneige brands. So basically, Amore Pacific is responsible for a whole lot of awesome.

Each of these masks comes in a similar design as above, made with different flower/herb extract and a featured skin benefit. I believe there are 13 different masks in the collection, including a moisturizing, watering, nutrition, lifting, brightening, anti-trouble, soothing, vitalizing, sebum control, pore care, sensitive calming, pure skin, and smoothing mask.

I really love the Flower Essential masks because the cotton is extra soft and the masks seem to all fit extremely well. Each mask has its own unique scent, and so far all of the ones I have tried smell really nice, especially the moisturizing one because it smells like roses. The serum inside might be a little heavy for some people, but I feel that simply rinsing your face with some cold water after application does the trick. So far my favorite from the collection is the brightening mask, because it not only smells amazing but comes with a milky serum that leaves my skin looking wow. Overall, I LOVE these masks and each one leaves my skin feeling fresh and clear.



  1. Ahh I haven't tried Mamonde's sheet masks, but they look lovely! I seriously have so many different sheet masks, it's ridiculous.

    Speaking of which, I'm hosting a giveaway that includes 10 sheet masks, if you're interested!

    1. Haha I know I always have way too many sheet masks! But hey, better to have too many than not enough :3

  2. I am so curious about mamonde products and I love mask sheet & drama combo too :)

  3. I still haven't tried anything from Mamonde but these sound awesome! I'm with you on the Amore Pacific = awesome thing though... so many of their sub-brands are really great.

  4. The packaging alone is so cute!

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  5. I've never tried Mamonde before, but I really want to now.


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